When you come and meet with me, the first thing I’m going to ask you is “WHY” are you attempting your weight loss goals?

Improve overall health?

Have more energy to take care of your busy life?

To fit into your clothes?

Is it fit into the airplane or movie seat?

Sex life?

An upcoming event?

To meet someone new?

To win a weight loss competition?

Is it one of these? All of these? Then I’m going to ask you to put that visual purpose in your pocket. And every time you want the glass of wine vs the cup of tea, you’re going to pull this purpose out and remind yourself how committed you are to your purpose — it is then that you will make the right decision — it is then that the magical willpower appears. You make the sacrifice because you are committed. You have the willpower because you have purpose.

We will make the above list of “whys” and then we will check them all off as you accomplish them. We’re both now in seek of your OUTCOMES together … what obstacles can we shatter, what dreams can we create, what OUTCOMES can we provide for your future?

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