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What’s your style? What’s your speed? We have different coaches with slightly nuanced approaches, and you might find that you connect with the philosophies and coaching style of one coach in particular. Let’s find your coaching match.

Dawn Offel


Coach Dawn has been an elite weight-loss coach since 2011. For six years, she was medically mentored by a physician and has experience working with high-risk dieters that are affected by metabolic syndrome.

She has worked with over 700 dieters, which equates to more than 22,000 pounds lost. She has an innate ability to connect with each of her dieters, helping them not only achieve their weight-loss goals, but helping them reveal the power they have within to live their best life.

By helping dieters identify their true purpose in terms of why they are attempting a transformation, Coach Dawn has perfected the coaching process. She thrives on providing solutions and guidance to make sure that dieters can achieve their goals, and truly “reveal the inner you.” Coach Dawn struggled with her own weight (three babies in 48 months) prior to becoming a coach, and therefore can relate with the struggle of weight loss.

In addition to the knowledge and motivation that is required to be an elite leader, Coach Dawn has perfected the art of maintaining your weight. With her wealth of extensive research and knowledge, and by truly living the lifestyle that she coaches, she is able to help her dieters achieve and maintain their success.

Coach Dawn is an NASM-certified Weight Loss Specialist, a triathlete, an Ultra Endurance runner, an NPC Bikini Competitor and a life coach.



By listening and engaging with you, I help create solutions that work for you as an individual. My own experience as an Ideal Protein dieter and my profound interest in nutrition and health makes me a strong coach and asset to all my clients.

I always have believed that a strict protocol yields perfect results. I will give the time and support necessary through this transition to get results and find the maintenance plan to fit your lifestyle. I put my heart, time and knowledge into helping my customers be the healthy, secure individuals they always wanted to be. It’s a journey, an education for a transformation, and a growing experience that requires strong understanding and support that we all need!

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